My idea was to create something different from what I would have done at my home university in Italy.
I noticed that in every Swedish homes there are a lot of vases to hold flowers or candles on the balcony
so I decided to create a set of vases inspired by the colors and shapes that I saw in Sweden.
After seeing a bit of Swedish vases, I decided to combine the Italian rationality with the Swedes shapes and colors.
I collected all the pictures that i took in Sweden as inspiration.
I did some testing with shapes and colors, until I got the results below. 
My idea was to realize the vases ceramic or wood, but given the limited amount of time I’ve made them in 3D.
I hope I have time in the future to try to realise them.
I developed this project during my semester at HDK University of Göteborg in Sweden.
Some of the most famous Italian and Swedish vases
Shape and colors study
Shape and colors study
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