city branding – art direction – photography – graphic design – video

The aim of my thesis was to design and redefine the visual image of the city of Udine, as no study has been carried out so far.
At present the turnout of tourists is based only on the word of mouth,the promotion of the city is almost no existent.
I wanted to make the city’s image more visually appealing to tourists and citizens so as to propose it into the Italian tourism market initially and later on the European one.

Udine (Italian: [ˈuːdine] is a city and comune in northeastern Italy,
in the middle of the Friuli–​​​​​​​Venezia Giulia region, between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps.
The city of Udine rises in the plains around a hill, where the castle is located.

Objectives of the project
give the city a more accurate and current appeal;
make the city recognizable;
valorize the city and the territory through use of a contemporary language;
standardize the tools used up to now;
differentiate from other brands/cities;
 make tourists and citizens aware of the city's offer
First trials
Characterstic features of the city
Typography used
Logo construction
Study of graphic coordinated image
Visual concept
Posters 70x100cm
Various poster sizes
Infographic – information boards
Instagram profile
Mobile app layout
Website layout
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